Cloister’s Flooring America in Lititz, PA, Refinishes Hardwood Using Dustless System

Cloister’s Flooring America now uses a dustless system to refinish hardwood flooring in Lititz, PA. With the store’s staff refinishing floors, it is a more cost-effective than replacing.

Homes and offices with solid hardwood floors can be revitalized with sanding and refinishing the flooring. Instead of traditional sanding methods, Cloister’s Flooring America offers professional dustless sanding. There is no longer any need to submit the content and inhabitants of a home or office to dust and allergens when professional dustless sanding in Lititz, PA, is available at an affordable price.

When the hardwood flooring of a home has significant wear, choose cost-effective refinishing before replacing is considered. Fresh-looking flooring breathes life into a space and makes any property look more attractive.

Dustless sanding is easier for property inhabitants than traditional sanding. In the exposure of the hardwood, more than 95% of dust from the flooring occurs during the sanding process. Often the sanding released from refinishing includes harmful lacquers, allergens, and more. Instead of having inhabitants breathe in these bits of dust, the efficient dustless sanding system used by Cloister’s Flooring America removes this hazard almost entirely. They use a vacuum with a 31-horsepower motor to make the process effective and efficient. The hoses attached to the sanding machine suck up the dust from the corners, cracks, and crevices of a home.

In the past, it was required to close a business or move everything out of a home when sanding hardwood flooring for refinishing. The hassles associated with sanding are nearly eliminated with the dustless machine and, for the most part, regular activities can move forward as scheduled.

If properly cared for, hardwood flooring stays elegant for a long time. Solid hardwood flooring can last through many refinishing services without the need for investment in a completely new type of flooring.

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