RIBA Venues – Conferences Are A Great Way of Promoting Brands and Raising Company Profiles

The power of conferences is highlighted by industry trends showing they bridge the gap between companies and consumers

United Kingdom – 09 June, 2015 – Technology is causing a growing divide between businesses and consumers with more business being done over the internet. There is less human interaction as the need to meet in person to do business is dwindling.

Companies are turning to conferences to attract customers and generate new sales, especially media companies. Ned Desmond from TechCrunch said that “everyone is getting into the game…because it is a good business, and it definitely has better margins, when done right, than the regular equation of journalism and writing.” Print journalism is on the decline which has added to the trend according to the report by the New York Times.

The Newspaper Association of America and Huber Research found that advertising revenue dropped 55 percent between 2006 and 2012. Media companies are “using conferences to expand the concept of what it means to be a news organization” said Thomas Rosenstiel, executive director of the American Press Institute who specialise in studying the events industry’s profitability

Rosentiel told the Times that “news organizations create knowledge for their communities, and you can do that in a lot of different ways. Events are another way of bringing people together” in answer to the question “what is the fundamental purpose the news organization plays for its community?”

Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, an event venue in central London providing conference room hire said “we have noticed an increase in bookings from media companies and it is no surprise really since such events have long been a productive way to bring industry representatives and the public together.” She went to say “this trend of media-sponsored events just demonstrates the power of conferences. Conferences are an effective way for companies and consumers to get together and bridge the divide.”

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