Power Dads — The 10 Basic Principles Successful Fathers Use to Raise Happy and Responsible Children

Provo, Utah. — Writer and fatherhood expert, Wayne Parker, has announced the release of his new book titled: “Power Dads – The 10 Basic Principles Successful Fathers Use to Raise Happy and Responsible Children”.  No doubt this book is a welcome tool for dads who may presently be having challenges in the rearing of their children.

Indeed, rearing children can be a huge challenge. A major reason for this is that children are unique individuals with a mind of their own. They are not like machines that can be programmed to behave in a certain way. Hence, it can be a challenge to understand how to properly handle them – especially during their formative years.

Similarly, no two children are completely alike in every respect. Just as they are different in looks, often times so they are different in their needs. Hence, the challenge arises in knowing how to handle each child according to the peculiar needs of that child. Therefore, many dads (especially single ones) need help in rearing their children to become happy and responsible individuals.

Speaking on his passion for the subject of fatherhood, Wayne said in an interview. “Forty percent of all children in America will go home tonight to a fatherless home and of that 40 percent, 40 percent have not seen their father in more than a year. So you start to think about what those numbers feel like and implications on society.”

From the above statistics, it is obvious that dads – especially single ones – need help in doing a perfect job of their primary assignment. With the release of “Power Dads – The 10 Basic Principles Successful Fathers Use to Raise Happy and Responsible Children” by Wayne Parker, dads can now breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Wayne continues: “I’m passionate about [parenting] because I’m worried about this next generation,” Parker said. “What do we do about kids who don’t have dads? And what do we do with dads who aren’t there at all or who are under committed? How can we turn the tide?” This passion informed his decision to finally put all his wealth of experience into a book.

Obviously, help has finally arrived! “Power Dads…” was written as an answer to a grim statistics and bleak prospect for our future leaders who at present are highly impressionable children and need to be steered aright. Hence, “Power Dads…” will serve as useful guide to fathers who hope to raise their children to become happy, obedient and responsible adults based on timeless principles.

Author Wayne Parker, a father of 5 children and now grandfather of 7, is not a stranger to the subject of parenthood. Also, he has been the fatherhood expert at About.com and has written over 900 articles on fatherhood, from parenting rights to communication tips. “Power Dads” is a combination of some of those articles, as well as a new mix of information and his personal experiences.

Indeed, “Power Dads…” will help fathers make principle based decisions in their parenting journey.

The book was published in January 2015 and is available at the website, on Amazon.com and in select bookstores

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