Good News! Airwheel’s New Intelligent electric self-balancing unicycle Are Coming.

Are you ready to bear another shock?

Still being surprised about the Airwheel S3? Just move your eyes and listen to Airwheel, it has something to say! To consumers, it has been a long time since Airwheel’s last release of Airwheel S3. But Airwheel never stops working on developing the next generation electric scooters. Now good news has come from some media that Airwheel will launch its new products in this June. The news has raised Airwheel Fans’ heated discussions about the performance and new functions of the products. Now several main predications of the new products will be listed here and let’s see whether your expectations of the new products are also expected by the others.

More product series, models or accessories?

Now there are three series of products presented by Airwheel, and these series have covered the needs of most people. But there have been some stories and news about the new usages of Airwheel intelligent scooters. For example, Tom Antos, a famous Canadian filmmaker, tested the Airwheel electric unicycle as a device for movie cameraman to shoot moving sense like running cars or people; there are also scooter players on the street who made some extreme shows with Airwheel electric unicycles. Of course the existing Airwheel scooters can also satisfy these needs, but why not develop some improved models or accessories which will better match the special needs of some user groups, for example an electric scooter with suspension system or reinforced models for extreme players. So in this release many Airwheel fans are waiting for the new models or accessories that will better satisfy the specific needs of some user groups.

More functions? 

Also another topic is how many new intelligent functions that will be added to the new products. Now Airwheel products are known as the most eco-friendly, user-friendly and intelligent self-balancing scooters, but there are still some space for the improvements. The most expected new function is an App for your smartphone. Nowadays smartphones are the most popular digital devices. And many interesting functions can be realized with the new scooters supporting an App. This App may enable people to know their travel distance with an Airwheel, the real-time speed, the accurate quantity of left electricity and so on. There are more functions being expected. So what’s the most desired function by you? 

Though Airwheel hasn’t disclosed any detail, Airwheel fans have been seething about the release.  Let’s wait for the surprises that Airwheel will bring to us!

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