Attention! A New Generation of Airwheel Electric Scooter Is Coming!

Airwheel launched the latest product one-wheel scooter S3 last year. Now it becomes one of the most popular transports both at home and abroad. Here is a piece of big good news for Airwheel fans! Airwheel is going to launch the new generation of one-wheel scooter on June, 18. A transport revolution is coming!

Last year, Airwheel introduced two-wheel scooter S3. With the advantages of being environmentally-friendly, healthy and convenient, it soon attracts many users and earns a wide appreciation.

Nowadays, the economy develops unprecedentedly quickly. There are more and more cars and buildings in cities, but the air become more and more polluted. We are hard to see the blue sky now. The badly polluted environment harms our health and many people suffer from respiratory disease. Therefore, environment protection becomes a hot issue of today’s society. Airwheel electric unicycle perfectly meets the requirement of environment protection. It does not release exhaust gas to the air and does not consume fuel oil. Airwheel electric unicycle is the best product for environmentalists. 

Aside from the advantage of being environmentally friendly, Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter also has the feature of being convenient. It has only one wheel, so it is small, light and thus portable. With it, you can pass through the crowd freely and never have to worry about traffic jam or bus delay. When others are waiting at the bus station or subway station anxiously, you are riding at Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter and go to work without hindrance. You can say goodbye to the crowded bus and the fear of being late to work or school. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city with a carefree mind and start a new day with Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter.

Knowing Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter is powered by electric, you may want to ask:” Is it easy to burn or break down?” Actually, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all. Because the battery Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter uses is Sony lithium battery imputed from Japan. The electric power storage of this battery is very large, which allows users ride it continually for tens of kilometers. What’s more, this kind of battery is very durable. It can be recharged for thousands of times and its service life is several times more than common battery. All in all, with the superb quality battery, users can ride Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter trustingly. 

Last but not least, there is another advantage of Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter. That is it provides a chance for people to do exercise on the way to work or home. Most of office workers or students are so busy at work or school that they have no time to do exercise. This situation makes them weaker and weaker thus easy to get sick. With Airwheel one-wheeled electric scooter, they can do exercise on the way to home or work and don’t have to squeeze time and money to go to gym any more. 

Airwheel is going to launch a new product on June 18. Let’s expect how innovatory it will be! 

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