Benjamin Pure On The Importance of Software Specialists

It is a world of computers and internet. Then there are servers, data backups, cloud computing and what not. And the software is the backbone with which we can operate, save and retrieve data. By using specifically developed programs, the working becomes very smooth and highly productive. Banks, insurance, websites, e-commerce portals work on specially designed programs. Even a small business house has its own program. Benjamin Pure, himself a geek, suggests hiring software specialists for designing any computer program.

Programmer, Developer

Programmers write the codes. They have little above average math skills and algorithmic knowledge. Skills develop with experience and working on projects as a team work. You may be involved in design process involving business logic and architecture and coding.

A developer writes the code. They are generalists and experts at finding ways to circumvent problems. They are programmers to some extent. Software engineers are programmers to greater or lesser extent. They are a part of the developer team. Basically there is not much difference. All require hands-on experience on how the ‘programs’ talk to each other. Benjamin Pure says neither is bad, but all are functional and work as a team on different aspects of the software.

Business applications

There are many types of developers like Mobile Apps developer, game developer and others.
Software Developers with their experience in coding can develop business applications. With database expertise they can work out solutions for SEO or even asset management.

It is best to have tailor-made software to match your business needs. It will reduce the need for manpower and achieve great level of efficiency and accuracy. This is because the program follows the logic and is in tune with the flow of the manufacturing or business process. It also has inbuilt checks and controls. Benjamin Pure suggests that we may have to hire a software consultant who with his team will design and develop the software.

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