Divorce is tough is there another way outside of the Courts?

Divorce can be very trying for a lot of people, divorce has been the main cause of illness and disease according to the Center of Health and disease advocates in Orlando, Florida. So how does one keep the stress levels down and potentially keep a potential seperation or divorce out of court?

Minnesota divorce mediation is not like California divorce mediation. For one thing, divorce mediation in CA has been up and running a lot longer. It’s a normal process for divorce and nobody thinks about it. Here in Minnesota, divorce mediation is different. For one thing, it takes a while for trends on the coast to become “trendy” around here.

Most people in Minnesota think of attorneys when they consider divorcing. And there is a difference between Minneapolis Divorce mediation, Saint Paul divorce mediation and say, Rochester divorce mediation. It is more common to find mediators in the Twin Cities who are not attorneys, but it is more difficult to find a “non-attorney” mediator (that’s what they call us) out-state than it is in the Twin Cities metro.

Some like to think of a mediation practice as Minnesota family mediation, because families and especially kids, come first. Some have the counseling and logic background to work well with emotions, and also help you figure out what is practical. This means that you can work things out for yourselves rather than spending many thousands of dollars going to court to fight things out.

Getting back to the differences between Minnesota mediation and California mediation. In California there are no seasons really, while in Minnesota there are. So there are different times of the year that are busy for Minnesota mediation services. Spring is busy (who moves out in a Minnesota winter?), summer is busy, especially just before school in the fall. Then it tapers off gradually at Christmas time except for divorced parenting holiday schedules. It helps people to realize how much we are affected by both people around us (culture) and weather.

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