Immobilier Javea Espagne Moragues Pons. A look to the future in Spain and Europe

To situate ourselves in the current context, it should be taken into account that the U.S subprime mortgage crisis also caused a negative effect on the property market in the old continent. Countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain suffered severe consequences from this negative impact. However, according to various analysts, other nations that are in theory much more economically solvent, such as France, will also be affected.

In fact it’s by looking at the majority society — lower and middle class of the Gallic country — that one realizes that in many places families can no longer afford to buy properties because of the prices. This is also true for many other European partners. Sooner or later this situation will cause the artificially created speculative bubble to burst. As a consequence, it will start affecting the classes with lower resources, and the fact remains that this will eventually impact the wealthier classes — even the luxury sector.

As a consequence, virtually all real estate agencies put their hands to work and began to design plans, not of contingency, but in anticipation of the situation emerging ahead. Plans in which the key players are the houses in family and residential areas at really affordable prices considering the market.

As announced by the IMF, what is required is a price which —

“— has to be far more in line with the current situation. The fact that the existing housing stock is not being used benefits no one, not governments or banking entities and less the latter because they have to assume a series of associated costs.” 

Moragues Pons. A look to the future

Having reached this point, one can only speak of those who are doing it right. For example, Moragues Pons Immobilier Javea on whose website ( you´ll able to find a lot more information.  He is trying to revitalize and to inject new life into a market comprising both the middle and upper class. The approach they are taking to fight the current situation is based on a two-pillar strategy.

On one hand they promote consumption among those who may have access to housing, of both new construction and second-hand, in such attractive geographical parts of Spain as the Mediterranean coast. Because, Jávea, today, is one of the most privileged places as it not only has a higher standard of living but also has truly exceptional climate conditions. Notwithstanding, the actions this  great, trusted and reliable real estate agency wants to carry out within the industry sector do not end here, since they do not want to allow the consumption of the upper class to falter. To do so, they offer completely new and renovated houses with all the amenities one can possibly imagine and in the most exclusive locations. And all this displaying a vision where the minimalist design wins over the opulent style of past times.

Moragues Pons, a look into the future. Moving toward a sustainable and sustained real estate market with little or nothing to envy over other markets located in northern Europe. They have the means, the human and technical resources and the technical expertise to carry out a small, major revolution in a sector where it was thought that everything was already invented. Therefore, we recommend that you visit us facing a future relationship, which will be as enduring as you and your family wish.

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