NONLETHAL WEAPONS to secure houses and flats – ADELL the Acoustic Defense wall

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A couple of years is a discussion going on how a ideal security system which would prevent the property from the burglar attacks should be constructed. Many systems had been tested. Acoustic defense wall — ADELL is one of the solutions.

The standard alarm system consists today, in principle, from two parts:

? From the  security cameras, sensors etc. — it means sensing equipment, and

? From a monitoring system — it means evaluation equipment.

There are plenty of possibilities  how to observe secured space and how to interpret the information; but all the monitoring (equipment)  produces only an alarm (signal, picture, etc.) which must be evaluated by someone. Someone – the owner, the Police or a Security agency. They all will act — after  they receive the signal. How long will it be delayed? It depends! 10 minutes, a half an hour, a hour, some hours after the attack ? Sure!  And Sure is also that that the owner  will see the result of the burglary itself – as he will come…

It means that by nowadays alarm systems always does the problem of a time delay exist. If the burglar has a good scheduled plan it is a question of minutes and its too late as the Security agency or Police arrives. In the meantime had the valuables left…

The idea of ADELL was to extend the standard alarm system with an additional acting system where the active components will discourage the burglar from the criminal idea and will push him out from  the defended  space.

All informed  know the pictures and movies from the Red see,  Somali pirates and the LRAD machines  known also as  Sound cannons.  The Sound cannons as nonlethal weapons are sources of high energy sound beams which push the attackers (pirates, robbers) from the target (attacked ship) — without any significant injury.

ADELL is a single device containing directly such sound  nonlethal  facility.  The device itself is a source of  intensive (directed) sound, which strength is just under the limit of human tolerabness. After the activation it generates an imaginary  acoustic  wall which immediately modify  the behavior of the intruder,  disables a effective thinking, disables a reasonable communication with the accomplices and forces the intruder(s) to the desertion from the irradiated zone.

Hardware specification of ADELL:

? Single device construction producing a strong acoustic signal – able to be installed in a secured space

? Acoustic pressure up to 128 dB(A)

? Sound generator of audible hearable acoustic signal from 2 to 5 kHz

? Power source:  12-15 V DC

? Function time min. on battery 30 minutes, battery backup to avoid power supply cut

? Possible construction material: titan, steel or aluminum (ev. plastic)

? Ability to be switched, and

? The possibility of control from a distance – to be able to switch by a signal/ contact from (an external) sensing device with  a IR sensor or with a GSM module or with standard contacts from a (existing) alarm system.

is a ultimate security devices forcing the burglar to leave and empowers the owner to keep his  assets safe. Coupled with a fog generator it should be perfect safety tool agains robbery or thivery.

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