Author of Vitamin C: The Unsung Molecule Movie Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

Vitamin C: The Unsung Molecule is a movie that focuses on the healing properties of Vitamin C and spreads the news that this readily-available vitamin may hold the key to combating many deadly diseases. Now, the creators of the movie have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this important film.

Vitamin C: The Unsung Molecule is a movie that explores Vitamin C in an in-depth manner and provides an audio-visual reference to a worldwide audience that helps people understand the healing properties of Vitamin C in treating major diseases. The movie will be distributed free on YouTube in 2016, and the creators are raising production funds through an IndieGoGo campaign.

On February 9, 2014, the BBC published an article about a team of American scientists who had obtained startling results in the treatment of cancer using massive injections of Vitamin C.  Japanese researchers found similar results.  Early research seems to indicate that Vitamin C or ascorbic acid lies at the center of the biochemical processes necessary for life.  Taken in high doses, Vitamin C may be able to kill viruses and prove more powerful than antibiotics.

In 1968, the term “orthomolecular medicine” was coined to describe the use of natural molecules to cure people of various diseases.  The findings in this field have led many leading scientists to conclude that Vitamin C should be at the heart of treatment in many public health systems.  Unfortunately, many government agencies seem to be uninterested in exploring the possibilities of Vitamin C treatment.

The movie is designed to be a call to researchers and authorities to explore discoveries and contribute to the evolution of medical practice by embracing the realities of Vitamin C research.  The film will be released as a free documentary on YouTube for anyone to access who wants to learn more about this research.

The film will be shot in Japan, in the USA, and in France, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Argentina and New Zealand.  Several international specialists in orthomolecular medicine will be interviewed, and their testimony will create an overview of the global situation regarding poliomyelitis and pneumonia, crib death, nuclear radiation sickness, hepatitis, resistant tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases.  The movie will be filmed between September 2015 and April 2106 and will be released later in 2016.  Copies will also be sent to television channels around the world.  All funds over the amount required for production will be donated to research.

The IndieGoGo campaign, located at, offers pledge levels from $5 to $50,000 and prizes including digital downloads, special thanks in the movie by the author and other perks.  Visit the IndieGoGo page for details.

About “Vitamin C: The Unsung Molecule”

The movie Vitamin C: The Unsung Molecule was created to bring attention to the possibility of treatment of many different diseases through the use of Vitamin C.  Now, the creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production funds.



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