Author Roger Blake Releases New Short Story Collection – Lensfogger’s BEST: A Super-Hero’s Collection of Humor, Satire & Short Stories

“Lensfogger’s BEST: A Super-Hero’s Collection of Humor, Satire & Short Stories.”

Author, Roger Blake is pleased to announce the release of his short story collection, Lensfogger’s BEST: A Super-Hero’s Collection of Humor, Satire & Short Stories.

Every super-hero has an alter-ego. Dodger Lensfogger, who is the narrator through most of these stories, is no different, except that he has multiple identities and speaks with many voices. Dodger’s characters routinely surface in response to situations or people who interest him, whether he finds them stimulating, challenging or even offensive. He writes about himself or others in the first person or third person, whatever feels best for the story. He also allows no limits to his inspiration or writing style. Each work, whether whimsical, a touch off-color or intensely serious must be appreciated on its individual merits and intent.

Book Details:
Lensfogger’s BEST
A Super-Hero’s Collection of Humor, Satire & Short Stories
By Roger Blake
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-1511665513
Pages: 232
Genre: Fiction, Humor, Satire, Short Stories

About The Author:

Roger Blake (a.k.a. Dodger Lensfogger) started writing the earliest of these stories, How the World I Saved, over 35 years ago in 1988. He remembers typing away on his word processor in the converted loft of an old railroad depot. Dust would shake off the rafters covering him and his work every time a train rumbled through. Some stories were conceived in the sleeping compartments of semi-trucks as he crisscrossed the country during the late 1990s through 2005.

Blake’s life has been a pursuit of creativity wherever he could find it.  Another apt description would be “a tattered masterpiece of jobs and careers that should have worked but never did.” His careers have included flying in the Navy, commercial real estate and truck driving – all interspersed with periods when he dropped out to survive doing other things – like being a waiter, jeep tour driver, cabbie, bartender, inn keeper, gallery owner, car salesman,  photographer and artist. None of his many, many jobs ever compared to the passion and fulfillment that he receives from art and writing.

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