Solar Window candle is the next generation candle which uses solar power to light your house

Pollution is becoming a threatening issue. There are numerous reasons for different types of pollution & one of them being the batteries, dumped in thousands on a weekly basis. They contain harmful lead, cadmium & mercury which permeate into ground water & soil through landfills & in air when we burn them. Considering this, Ed Heffner, President of GotGreenNotGreed LLC and Led Lighting Automation, & his team have come up with a new product “Next Generation Solar Window Candle” as an effort to help & motivate people to use solar power to lessen the burden on environment & also saving energy by going green.

Reportedly, Solar Window Candle is much more than its name suggests. Along with being a solar candle, it additionally provides power to five other optional modules making it useful not just for any particular member but for the whole family. It can be used as a night light or for charging your Smartphone and even to time your events. Further stated, some new modules have also been introduced to it recently.

The security module, as suggested, uses the motion sensing technique for the security purpose making it perfect for an apartment or a dorm. Use the motion module to turn the lights on & off automatically, thus providing home automation & helping in saving power & money. This can also be used in the restaurants as guest notification with remote light or alarm function.  Use its message module for notifying the guests of the daily specials or use its radio module to keep up with the latest news & sports. And you get to access all these without putting any extra burden on your electricity bills.

The technique behind the working of product is claimed to be simple. It consists of a power bank & magnet connectors. Polarized magnet connectors are used to transfer power from the power storage base to the different modules through its top & side connectors. It’s as simple as it sounds & effective enough to fulfill your requirements while saving electricity. Special care has been taken of its appearance to keep home décor in mind while designing it. So you don’t have to worry about its looks & design. If you are worried about the usability, the company provides you five years of warranty for the product.

This product can brighten lives of people in places with no electricity. But funds are required for making it ready for production & sale. Thus, the team has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for building enough inventories for HSN. The funds will be used to rent a building for a month along with parts, tools, tables & chairs for assembly line.

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