Inspirational Visionary Reveals Timeless Secret for Rising from Personal Turmoil to Experience True Freedom

PALM COAST, June 12, 2015 — “Camille McKenzie’s new bestseller, The Long Journey to Freedom is about learning true self-acceptance and experiencing freedom and fulfillment. Consider this book a shortcut to achieving this goal with ease and grace. By learning Camille’s 7 Step Process, readers will feel as if they are treading on golden bricks, brightly illuminating their path out of darkness.” — Audra Erwin, The High on Life Coach, Inc.

“There is so much turmoil on the planet today. We rage war against others as a projection of the war we are raging against ourselves. We blindly follow others instead of listening to the beat of our own heart and allowing it to direct us.

“There comes a time in life when the soul’s call to be free outweighs society’s demand for perfection and we heed that call.

“Camille shares her own long journey to freedom and the many obstacles she had to overcome, ultimately none greater than the loss of herself.  It all started with a vision twenty-two years ago and the glimpses of a life she had yet to fully understand, but is now living each day.” — Foreword from Long Journey to Freedom

This important new bestseller shows readers how to successfully navigate their way through personal obstacles that often present huge challenges to stop them from realizing their dreams.  

The book contains priceless advice and wisdom. This is a valuable guide that will empower readers to view their biggest challenges, struggles, and heartbreaks as preparation for their greatest contribution to the world.

Camille McKenzie, BA, is a Certified Lifestyle Coach. Her primary mission in life is to help women transform their lives by inspiring, educating, and empowering them on how to liberate themselves from whatever factor is preventing them from living a fulfilling life of freedom.

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