EasyAcc large sales promotion — celebrate the 20th anniversary of Amazon

What were our lives like 20 years ago? We read paper books and stored them in our bookcase; we went to different stores for different products and it took you a whole day to get everything you need for your new house; we couldn’t decide which item to choose because it was hard to compare the price and quality of goods in similar style.

However, we are in a totally different world now. Thousands of books are downloaded in our kindles or smartphones as if we bring a bookcase with us to anywhere we want; we go to the website, click items we want and the only thing rested is to stay at home and wait for them; we read the product description and comments from others after entering keywords online to know which item is exactly what we need. Things changed a lot in 20 years, and Amazon is the word that has changed the world.

Next month, Amazon will celebrate its 20 years’ birthday, while EasyAcc, the promising young electronic gadgets and accessory distributor meets its 3rd anniversary. Established in Hong Kong 2012, EasyAcc grew steadfastly to a leading role in its area in Europe, America, United Kingdom, Canada and East Asia. The products we produce and sell also developed from power bank and Bluetooth speaker to a richer line including leather protector, Bluetooth headphone and mouse, charger and hub. In the three years, EasyAcc has grown at an unprecedented speed and it will continuously spare no effort to serve more and more customers under its goal and principal — make your life easy!

In such a special time of double happiness, EasyAcc will announce a series of promotions to celebrate it. We may give a big discount for certain products such as power bank or wall charger, and you will see them on the homepage of EasyAcc. In order to say special thanks to customers, we will also make some giveaways on EasyAcc’s Facebook and Twitter. Just follow EasyAcc on Facebook and Twitter and take part in our activities, we will choose some of you to be the lucky ones. You can also leave comments there to let us know what gifts you expect most, maybe your suggestion will be taken and you will get just the thing you want. So don’t hesitate to go with us!

As there comes hot summer, let’s come together to enjoy the hot birthday season of Amazon and EasyAcc. Tons of presents are here waiting to bring you an easier and happier life.

Know more about EasyAcc:

EasyAcc Official Website: www.easyacc.com
EasyAcc Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EasyAcc.official

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