Little Wooden Houses: A Refuge From The Ruthless Modern Life

Today the pace of modern life require us to find relaxing spaces

The little wooden houses, also called log cabins or casette di legno, built with the blockhouse technique and high quality woods represent a growing trend that is showing all its relevance but also its economic value. Today the pace of modern life require us to make choices. Think of buying a property and what it entails to invest on the brick noadays. Let’s take a step back and go back to America’s Old West and the importance of having a good carpenter. A senile Clint Eastwood quips about the importance of the carpenter in the movie Unforgiven, where it appears Gene Hackman struggling with coverage problems in his log cabin, which must devote his free time because of some structural improvements needed. It was 1992 when Eastwood directed that movie, and yet the market for wooden houses had not exploded in Europe yet. To achieve success we must, in fact, wait fifteen years, when the style of Scandinavian building will become a must for all those practices and with a desire for freedom and strength.

A “casetta di legno” realized with technology blockhouse is a real philosophy of life. Many young professionals, architects, designers and webmasters have opted for this type of buildings for residential purposes or simply as trendy office to get away from it and from the usual urban concrete, smog, pollution and stress. If you are tired of living the usual home, if the cement there is tight and if every day you have to walk kilometers and kilometers to arrive on time at work, the Log cabins are what you need. A kind of natural and durable shelter and lasting storms, as would also Bob Dylan in his famous song. In the seventies, many Americans chose to return to live in nature, in the countryside and fresh air. They were therefore rediscovered and re-launched the homes of rural, mountainous, and they were all wooden buildings.

This way of life must surely have influenced the Scandinavians who have developed this new style of life and buildings. It is a way of living and their idea of domestic space and living differently. Functionality, eco-sustainability and zero impact are at the core of this kind of choice. In Italy then with the current economic and financial system, buy or build a brick house has a price surely prohibitive. Even for this kind of problem you search an alternative solution and within reach of everyone’s pocket. The log cabins and wooden houses offer comfort, and robustness that are right for you. With reasonable prices, therefore affordable for everyone, wooden houses are able to merge the aesthetic and the practical and functional. One reason for the success of these buildings is its versatility and solidity with which they are built, as they use only massive-wood, and better if FSC-certified.

It is a solution resistant to wind and with a standard snow-load resistance of 140 kg/sqm. The log cabins can be thick from 44mm till 70mm, consisting of doors and windows with double-glass, with aluminum seals and drainage. In Italy are designed, produced and assembled by specialized companies working in the field with great experience, for example, we note the leading player CASETTE ITALIA with an extensive catalog with more than 300 models. In fact, “Italian style and Scandinavian quality” are faced with a growing demand on the rise and increasingly demanding. For this reason, you can choose your house according to your needs, price and space.


CASETTE ITALIA is an Italian company exporting within all Europe both wooden houses and wooden garages. The mission is to provide the best possible quality products with a superior service to the client.

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