The ZsaZsaZsu Brand Has Become Synonymous with High Fashion Bikinis

ZsaZsaZsu was established in 2014 by Italian fashion designer Marta Sillano to offer beach lovers with amazing bikinis which not only are immensely beautiful and eye-catching, but also a pleasure to wear. The ZsaZsaZsu brand of bikinis have quickly become one of the most popular beach wear lines due to their luxurious comfort and form-enhancing aesthetics. This exciting new adventure in beach wear is due to the unbridled creativity and brilliant eye of Marta Sillano who is destined to rise to the top of the fashion world.

ZsaZsaZsu is named for the phrase from “Sex and the City” which denotes true love and an insatiable desire to possess. Every item in the ZsaZsaZsu line is designed to inspire that same intense craving to own. All the fabrics are manufactured in Italy and the designs are personally created by Marta Sillano. Bikini tops are available in wrap triangle or bandeau style accompanied by tie-side bottoms. Each set is designed to sculpt curves and enhance body types of all shapes. Fashionable beach enthusiasts will adore the Flamingo, Old School, Sugar Skull, India, and Coconut pattens.

ZsaZsaZsu bikinis have already been worn by many celebrities including Ana Moya Calzado and Alessia Marcuzzi, but the design team is finally ready to release its bikinis to the public through a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will enable backers to reserve one or more of these iconic bikinis, but only if the goal of $15,288 is reached. Available through the campaign are all five designs in an array of bikini types and sizes. Other perks include personalized phone covers, ZsaZsaZsu calendars, personalized bikini design, and invitations to the 2016 bikini photo shoot.

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