The Tetratool is a Compact, All-in-One Set of Tools Ideal for Divers and Outdoorsmen

Bruce Hunter is a diving enthusiast who was concerned about many underwater safety issues which imperil the lives of divers all over the world. These include being caught in fishing lines, nets or ropes and being threatened by dangerous wildlife. After careful consideration of how to respond to these possible scenarios, Bruce created the Tetratool which includes a waterproof flashlight, line cutters, knife and whistle.

The Tetratool is the ideal companion for divers or outdoorsmen because of its utility in a variety of situations. All four heavy duty tools are integrated into a compact product that fits snugly in the hand or in a holster which can attach securely to the wrist, bicep or ankle. The Velcro carrying strap is also equipped with a small pocket for securing keys. This wonder of engineering provides a light of 900 LED lumens in a normal high beam, 30% intensity beam or strobe settings which can illuminate surroundings or alert companions. When stowed in the wrist-position holster, the light readily spotlights the area, leaving your hands unencumbered.

The whistle may be used to get the attention of others when on the surface or startle wildlife away. A handy stainless steel, heavy duty knife blade is readily available to cut thin cords and is safely fitted within a hard cover, while the larger line cutter blade is accessed only when the Tetratool end piece is unlocked and rotated.

The Tetratool has already earned considerable interest from the diving and camping community, but is not yet available to the public. Bruce has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $12,230 needed for an initial production run. If you are an avid outdoorsman or diver, you will want to support this important project. In return for your generous financial support, you can receive perks like T-shirts, free shipping, or the Tetratool.

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Company Name: TETRATOOL: A Multi-Functional Tool To Fish, Dive & Survive
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