3D Print technology is paving its way to a mainstream audience and worldwide

3D Printing will be a household item in the next couple years, if not sooner.
The evolution of technology has provided human race with amazing capabilities from flying to instant communication that used to feel as a things only possible in fictional movies and books.

In past few decades scientists around the world are actively working on developing technologies that can provide easy and costly solutions to some of our most prevalent problems in the world. One such technology 3D printing has come a long way since its creation. The technology is being used commercially now to create jewelry, prosthetic limbs for amputees and several other products ranging from guns to boxes are being printed out of these machines. The technology is continuing to evolve, where more and more organizations are taking interest in it and are seeking to create products that can be used commercially and in every household.

But in recent year the technology has successfully stepped in another domain of advancement. Several researchers have successfully created large vehicles such as airplanes and flown in them. The technology is also being used to create full sized homes that can be used by individuals. 3D printing technology has the potential to create products at a much faster pace and at amazingly lower costs, creating amazing models and enabling engineers to experiment and discover more clever means of creating homes and products.

The technology in addition to being very fast is also very cheap that can reduce the labor costs substantially around the world and create more valued products. United Nations Habitat program has even started on research to develop the technology that would be able to create cheaper homes for the poverty stricken places on the globe. Millions of people around the world are homeless and don’t have a place to guard themselves against the harshness of weather and have some privacy. But the development of cheaper technologies such as 3D printing have the potential of alleviating these conditions and provide far improved living conditions for the humans around the world.

Some individuals have carried out research in developing technologies that can be used by the space agencies such as NASA to create habitable communities on other planets using the resources available locally on these planets. The technology has advanced to such a scale that it is being actively used commercially and several world renowned companies are investing in the technology to make it mainstream and inculcate the ability to create viable products for individuals around the world.

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