Alcoholism is now the leading cause of vandalism according to county records

Surveys reveal that about 10,000 people each year suffer injuries and die due to drunk driving incidents.
Alcoholism refers to the excessive drinking of alcohol that causes the individual to lose focus and become addicting to the drink. Alcoholism is one of the major health concern currently faced by American population. The biggest reason for the issue stems from the usage and liberty with which alcohol is consumed in our society. Whether it’s a celebration, a party, a critical event or sporting competition alcohol forms the central element of the all the foods and drinks consumed.

This important aspect of consuming alcohol comes with additional vices and substance abuse that come along with it. Alcoholism has been labeled as the leading cause of vandalism and drunk driving incidents in the country in past few years. Industrialization and pop culture has also enabled younger generation to gain far easier access to alcohol, creating increased risk of substance abuse.

Surveys reveal that about 10,000 people each year suffer injuries and die due to drunk driving incidents. When an individual abuses the drink by consuming excessive amounts of it, their brain fails to function properly and incites the violent and unnatural behavior in them.

Several families and individuals are shattered to excessive consumption of alcohol, giving birth to violence and horrible incidents where people are severely injured or in worst cases die. Numerous vandalism and violent crimes can be directly related to individuals getting drunk and losing control over themselves.

There are several agencies that are actively working to help individuals recover from this issue. Alcohol has also been associated with the increased risk of depression and violence in individuals. There have been several documented incidents, where individuals have committed suicide or injured themselves solely due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Sporting events are the brewing ground for vandalism incidents, where alcohol is openly served and people can get in to fights and come to vandalism in many cases under the influence of the drink. At such events the emotions are running high and adding alcohol in the mix is like adding fire to the fuel that can take form of violent incidents.

In Europe several incidents have been documented where sporting events have taken form of riots and cost substantial amount of money to the government and security agencies to take the situation in under control.

In conclusion excessive drinking and vandalism have become an increasingly important problem that authorities have to deal with on daily bases that places many individuals in danger.

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