Love in the Next 10 Seconds: Changing the Box of Relationship Into Living Without Limits

““Nobody else’s answer is greater than your own awareness.” — Nirmada”
If you think it’s not possible to find love in the next 10 seconds, then you’re right where most people are. It’s because you haven’t met Nirmada, The Radical Demand Diva and the co-author of this powerful book, Love in the Next 10 Seconds: Changing the Box of Relationship into Living Without Limits.

She and her co-author John Andros have enriched many people’s lives with the radical approach and dynamic tools introduced in this revolutionary book.

Love in the Next 10 Seconds is not like any other relationship book. Inspired by the question, “What contribution can we be to ease the pain between men and women on this planet?” Their book and businesses are their own personal contributions to creating greater harmony on the planet, one relationship at a time.

This book is not a one-size-fits-all book of answers about how to ‘do’ relationship. Both the book – and the approach – are radically different from the old paradigm of relationship counseling where someone tells you what you ‘should do’ in order to be happy.

This book guides you step by step on how to have the kind of relationship you always dreamed was possible yet haven’t known how to have… until now. If the approaches you’ve been using aren’t working for you anymore and you’re tired of struggling and not getting what you desire, this is the book for you!

Love in the Next 10 Seconds is truly a game changer.  It takes what we know about creating fulfilling relationships and turns it on its head. Move over, John Gray!  It’s time for something new.” — Jeneth Blackert, Real Raw YOU

Love in the Next 10 Seconds is the first book I have read on conscious relationship that shifts the paradigm of relationship on its axis. It has the toolbox you have been looking for.”  — Dr. Lisa Cooney,

Love In The Next 10 Seconds authors, Nirmada Kaufman and John Andros, are catalysts for consciousness. From the beginning of their relationship, Nirmada and John had a shared love of learning, growing and consciousness. In order to create greater health and wellness in their own lives and the lives of others, they have each trained in many different healing modalities.

Nirmada  and John  are Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitators and use Access Consciousness tools and processes in this book and in their work. They bring Access Consciousness tools together with other modalities to guide clients around the world to create radically different relationships and lives.

As partners in consciousness, Nirmada and John choose to create their relationship 10 seconds at a time. They refer daily to the tools in their own book. Every day they make the choice to embody these tools and experience the ease and communion that are possible when using them.

The book will officially launch on June 16th and will be available on

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