Rapid Drug Detox Options For Those Addicted To Methadone

“What is the MDS rapid drug detox advantage? MDS Drug Detox is owned and operated by board-certified doctors that guarantee you the highest level of advanced addiction recovery that includes a free consultation with an addiction recovery doctor. We truly c”
Opiates are a highly addictive and powerful family of drugs that are among some of the most commonly abused substances in the United States. There are thousands of people struggling with chemical dependency on these strong painkillers in the United States.

To help those struggling with addiction, many substance abuse clinics often resort to Methadone. However, methadone is itself an opiate and while it does help many people dealing with heroin and oxycotin it is also just as addictive.

The Michigan-based health center, MDS Drug Detox provides rapid withdrawal programs to those who are suffering from a chemical dependency on methadone and have not had success trying more traditional detox methods.

Unlike methadone clinics, MDS’s detox programs provide an opiate-free way to detox while the patient is safely under anesthesia.  These tested therapies provide addicts with a safe way to be alleviated of withdrawal symptoms in three to four days. By using MDS’s individualized and fast acting detox techniques, they can help patients on their path to a healthier lifestyle. MDS is one among only a handful of clinics in the nation that provides doctor-founded rapid methadone detox where procedures are done under Anesthesiologist-monitored sedation.

Methadone is a synthetic chemical that was developed in Germany during the late 1930s.  Methadone acts on the same opioid receptors as heroin and has many of the same effects. Methadone has been used to assist in the management of severe chronic pain and is among one of the more common drugs used in rehabilitation clinics for those suffering from opiate addiction.

The usage of methadone is common place around the country. However, it is argued that methadone treatments only redirect the addiction and helps maintain dependency. As a result there were around 4000 methadone related deaths in 2005 and an estimated 250,000 people currently seeking treatment at methadone clinics.

Methadone currently listed as a Schedule II narcotic of the Single Convention On Narcotic Drugs and it is regulated similarly to morphine in most countries. In the United States, it is a Schedule II Narcotic controlled substance.

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