Ride an Airwheel single wheel electric scooter for Parent-child Bonding

Children’s Day is around the corner. What should parents get for their children? Here comes the best option ever–Airwheel electric scooter, a fantastic and low-carbon vehicle for parents and children to have fun together.

As time flies, Children’s Day is approaching again. The young parents have to think about a perfect present for their children. They are faced with so many choices but none of them will help them out. Snacks are bad for kids’ health and toys distract kids from studying. Books seem great, but kids won’t like them. Generally speaking, a really good gift may cost too much. It is fair to say nothing can be tougher for picking presents for kids. A perfect present for them is meant to be favored by themselves as well as the parents.

And now, Airwheel is offering the parents a brand new option for presents–an Airwheel electric scooter. They can just ride it and have fun with the kid!

Although the Airwheel electric one-wheel scooter is not for kids who are under 15 years old, it won’t stop parents from giving the scooter to their kids as a present. Kids are not allowed to use it but parents are. When parents get to know how to ride it, they can ride the scooter with their kids. The Airwheel scooter is of high quality so that it can surely bear the weight of an adult and a child. In this way, it ensures the parents and kids can have a joyous ride together without worrying about safety problems. Besides, riding the scooter is nothing like riding a bike or motorcycle. It feels freer and more thrilling. Kids will definitely love it.

Airwheel self-balancing scooter is equipped with the cutting-edge intelligent chip which makes it easier and simpler for users to master the vehicle. The chip adopts the most advanced intelligent system in the world with the principle of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to achieve self-balancing. The riders can easily operate the scooter by simply leaning towards different directions.

The intelligent chip inside the scooter renders the learning process much easier and riding much safer. The high-tech chip can provide speed limit protection for users by limiting the speed within the safest range so that it will prevent tragic accidents caused by traveling too fast from happening.

Children’s Day is supposed to be a special and fun day for kids. To make it so, just bring home with one Airwheel electric scooter and ride on it to have some quality time with kids. Airwheel is here to provide the best way for parent-kid bonding.

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