Airwheel Electric Unicycle Unleashes a Groundbreaking Transportation Method

Faced with repeated transportation and traffic jams, we have to replace the old transportation tools with new ones. Airwheel electric unicycle, a groundbreaking transporter, will take you wherever you want to go and bring out the best of you.

There are so many transporters in our daily life such as bicycles, electromobiles, cars, buses and metros. What on earth is the best option for us? Year in and year out, we always travel in the same way and confront with the same traffic jams repeatedly. It is about time to break the routine and take another transporter now. Airwheel electric unicycle, a groundbreaking vehicle in history, allows you to experience a high-tech and low-carbon free ride.

Airwheel intelligent scooter is a product of the increasingly progressing high technology. Compared with traditional transporters, the scooter is cooler and more high-end in every respect.

Airwheel scooter, built in the principle of dynamic stability, can detect the body posture through the internal gyroscope and intelligent chip and command the motor to make adjustments accordingly so as to keep self-balancing. During the ride, riders is able to turn around, go forward or stop with simple change of gravity center without having to twist their bodies intentionally. After they fully master the skill, it is not impossible for them to make the scooter move with their mental will.

Currently, the haze caused by air pollution has aroused a lot of attention from the public about the significance of low-carbon lifestyle. It is Airwheel’s hope that we can provide a more convenient and low-carbon transporter for the urbanites and change their lifestyle.

Airwheel one-wheeled scooter is powered by lithium battery, which is an eco-friendly and zero-emission transporter since cars mainly consume gas and produce plumes of pollution. Airwheel has selected the top-quality lithium battery imported from Sony for all the scooters so that the scooter is endowed with stronger braking capacity and faster accelerated speed. Apart from that, it can also be recharged for 1800 times with a lifespan 3.8 times longer than those regular lithium batteries. Besides, it only cost 1 kWh per hundred miles. The super low energy consumption embodies the low-carbon concept of Airwheel scooter. 

The daily traffic jams make every travel on roads a misery thing for every one of us. The Airwheel scooter with a strong grip allows you to deal with all kinds of road conditions and take whatever roads you like. Small and agile, the scooter can travel through all kinds of alleys and streets, freeing you being stuck in the car crowd.

The emergence of Airwheel electric scooter unleashes a groundbreaking transportation method for everyone. Just ride it and have a different trip now!

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