Tips about Summer Ride from Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter

In summer, there might be some injuries for riders during the scooter ride out of special weather issues. Therefore, we will introduce you some precautions during the ride. Hopefully, all the scooter fans can take some protective measures and have a nice ride.

Scooter riding is not only a low-carbon travelling manner but also a healthy leisure way. As we all know, it is getting hotter recently. Summer is approaching, which might cause some problems to scooter riders. Therefore, Airwheel has prepared some precautions for the electric scooter riders and hope them to take adequate protective measures and enjoy their ride.

1. Skin abrasions

In summer, people wear less and thinner clothes, thus exposing a large area of skin outside. Hence, it is more likely for people to have skin abrasions, especially scooter riders. While riding the intelligent scooter, people may fall down by accident, causing injuries or abrasions. If they are having the ride in the woods, chances are they will be scratched by the tree branches. So riders have to be very careful while riding the scooter. They should avoid going through the dense regions or the pot-holed streets. Once they get hurt accidentally, they should clean the wound first and apply some disinfectant to it. If the wound is small and mild, it can be left alone after the disinfectant is smeared on it. No need to use gauze unless the wound is bleeding.

2. Sunburn

In summer, it is really easy to get sunburnt. Sunburn is the skin injury that occurs after people are exposed to the sun or other ultraviolet light. Severe sunburn may result in skin reddening, crack and skin peeling with a burning feeling, itching or even blisters at times. Therefore, whether for girls or boys, sunscreen cream is a must-have for them. They can put on a sunscreen suit and a cap during the ride if they want. In this way, they can protect their skin from being directly exposed to the sun.

3. Sunstroke

Sunstroke is not a strange term for many people. It means the neural organ damage caused by excessive heat inside the body as the body temperature control malfunctions due to the high temperature. While riding the self-balancing scooter in summer, the riders have to be alert once any headaches, dizziness or nausea occurs. At that moment, they have to cool down themselves by drinking some saline water to make up for water and salt. Besides, the riders can also take some medicinal oils with them just in case any sunstroke happens.

Hopefully, Airwheel electric scooter can bring people a healthy, safe and convenient ride in summer. And the riders can be free from any problems and truly enjoy the passion of summer.

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