Nature is Talking and Let’s Listen Attentively with Airwheel self balance electric unicycle

The public service film series, Nature Is Talking, is now on air at home. It is filmed to call for the protection of environment. Airwheel intelligent scooter persists in the developing route of low-carbon and eco lifestyle. All Airwheel products are intelligent, cool, green and healthy. The company is devoted to create new type of commuting vehicles with good quality.

Recently, the public service film series, Nature Is Talking, is now on air at home. It is created by CI Conservation International. It is the first type of film which takes the natural elements as the first person to narrate the relations between nature and people. In the film, different stars act the parts of Mother Nature, ocean, rainforest, land, water, coral reef and flower. They express the feelings of nature and discuss the relationship between human welfare and nature to call for people’s awareness and change of behaviors.

The protection of environment requires concerted efforts of all human beings. Airwheel is devoted to developing new types of green commuting vehicles, advocating driving less and exploiting new type of energy. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are green, low-carbon, safe and fashionable. The vehicle is powered by electricity and costs very little energy. Riding for 100 KM, it costs only one kilowatt hour and produces zero pollution. Whether as commuting vehicle for work and school or as recreational tool for daily leisure, Airwheel scooter demonstrates excellent performance. It is a purely green and high-tech product.

There has been growing concerns over environment and current market trend accounts for it. In Beijing, vehicle ban is executed but only Tesla is exempted from the ban. The Apple company is about to assemble a new team to enter into the electric car business. Google unmanned vehicle is about to come out. The reality shows us that pollution-free and electricity-driven transport vehicles will be the leading trend in the future. Airwheel electric scooter is mounted with the same lithium battery as Tesla. The company will continue sustainable development. It surely will lead the market and create green future.

Electric cars will be the most comfortable commuting vehicle for long-distance travelling while Airwheel self-balancing scooter will be the best choice for short-distance commuting. Airwheel intelligent scooter, with high quality and strong power sustains for long period of riding.

Nature is to be guarded by the whole world. For our own living environment and for the beautiful nature, please choose green transport vehicle.

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