Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle Tips: Knowledge the Green-hand Must Know

An increasing number of riders prefer Airwheel electric scooter, so some tips are introduced to help the green-hand to enjoy the riding safely.

A large number of people pay more attention to and prefer to travel in low carbon way. As one of means of transport with low carbon, self-balancing electric scooter has the features of low electricity consumption, no pollution and portability, which encourages riders to choose itas the means of transport. Here, our editor will introduce some tips that the rider must know about to help enjoy the riding safely.


  1. Check before riding

The simple check is necessary before riding no matter when you ride Airwheel to work or to travel around with friends. The electricity volume, the tyre and the pedal must be checked whether they are in normal situation or not. If they are abnormal, the unicycle should be sent to the professional repair shop. 

  2.  Learn the basic methods for maintenance and repair

Though professional repair shop can maintain and repair the self-balancing electric scooter, riders should know the basic methods of maintenance and repair. Only necessary maintenance on the daily use can the Airwheel’s service life and performance be longer and better. Besides, the simple maintenance can adjust the one-wheel electric unicycle to avoid damage as well as save the cost of repair.

  3.  Raise questions on the product purchased

The high setting mode is not the most suitable product for you. You need to raise questions on any Airwheel one-wheeled electric unicycle that your friends or salesmen recommend, so they will find the most suitable mode for you according to your requirement. But you need to know about the price and position before purchase.

  4.  Do not give up

Travelling in a low carbon way and doing competitive sports are the preferred lifestyle which need to be insisted on. Do not find excuses by yourself to be lazy or give up riding easily. Only the insistence and continuous efforts on self-balancing electric scooter travel can keep the riders healthy and happy.

  5.  Do not make comments on others’ unicycles

If you are in an intelligent electric scooter club or team, making comments on others will upset other riders. Do not make comments on others’ unicycles to show off your broad knowledge. All the unicycles are a way of life in low carbon no matter what their brands are. Unicycles are also the pursuit of freedom and individual characteristics which should be respected.

The 5 tips are what the rider must know. After acquiring this knowledge, riders can enjoy the travel freely and happily.

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