Airwheel Electric Unicycle Leading the Global Trend—Cool Way for Commuting in Summer

If you want to go outside in unbearable scorching summer, try to ride an electric unicycle. Riding Airwheel electric one-wheeled scooter in the breeze to enjoy the fascinating scenery alongside the road without energy consumption is environmentally friendly with low carbon and full of fun.

The scorching summer is unbearable for the hikers and bikers as it is easy to sweat and the sticky clothes feel very uncomfortable. However, under the condition where the riding-aholic still wish to go out in such weather, electric unicycle helps relieve their worries. Try to ride Airwheel electric one-wheeled scooter in the breeze to enjoy the wonderful scenery around. It consumes little energy and is environmentally-friendly with low carbon and much fun. 

Electric self-balance unicycle is frequency used for commuting to and from work and travelling on campus, in the exhibition hall or the golf course in some developed countries. Meanwhile, its low-carbon feature with no exhaust emission makes it an essential vehicle for travelling. 

The increasing market demand ushers a global boom in electric one-wheel scooters, resulting in a global revolution in which traditional vehicles are replaced by electric unicycles. Airwheel electric self-balance unicycle redefines the vehicle and makes it possible to be carried easily and conveniently.  

Airwheel self-balance electric scooter is based on the principle of “dynamic balance”. Its inner-built multi-axis gyroscope and acceleration sensor can tell the position of the vehicle. Intelligent chips’ precise and high-speed calculation makes appropriate instructions to drive the motor to achieve self-balance. Riders can control the balance of the scooter by adjusting the vehicle direction and the gravity center. Totally different from the operation of traditional vehicles, Airwheel electric scooter is easier to learn and makes your travel more convenient and flexible.

Powered by imported Sony lithium battery, Airwheel electric unicycle’s braking power is stronger and it accelerates more quickly. Its unicycle design achieves low carbon to the largest degree, taking only 1 degree to ride a hundred miles. The premium new tires’ unique tread design avoids slipping and has high wear-resistance so that riders can adapt to different road conditions.       

Airwheel electric unicycle is the best news for travelling in summer. It saves energy and gives a chance to enjoy the scenery and develops a high-quality life.

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