Cool, Extraordinary Racing Experience of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter

Everyone who loves life dreams of having a cool and fantastic racing car. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter helps make your dream come true, giving you cool and outstanding riding experience with low carbon.

Everyone who loves life wishes to have a cool and extraordinary racing car. Today, I will introduce a most updated luxurious Airwheel cross-country racing electric scooter. I spent two difficult days queuing up to buy this vehicle and today I have just got it. I find it worthwhile spending two hard days waiting for it because it is so extraordinary and shiny. No wonder so many people would like to queue up to purchase it.

This type of scooter has several series, each of which is divided into different models. They all use round and oval vanguard design which looks very cool and attractive. The standard version is categorized into cool black and elegant white while the luxurious version has carbon fiber texture pattern which feels noble and graceful. Besides, the individualized fantastic version is colored with bright blue and green specially designed for those who love fresh nature and selfies.

Smaller and more flexible than SMART, this type of self-balance electric scooter has exclusive  360°open design with no need to open or close the door. 720°panoramic view gives the rider a broad vision. With no skylight, it is not necessary to be equipped with reversing radar and rearview mirror. The rider just needs to look back when backing the scooter.

While this type of intelligent scooter has no locker, users can choose customized backpack large enough to store this vehicle. Meanwhile, it uses innovative pedals which integrate accelerating, braking and steering so there is no wheel-steerer. However, riders can choose simple and customized pull-rod as the operation rod if needed. 

Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter gives you fantastic vanguard experience and facilitates your travel. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly with no pollution emission. Equipped with Tesla motors and high-quality Cheng Shin rubber tires, it has excellent cross-country performance and can handle different road conditions easily.  

Some customers may be worried before purchasing that it will take much petrol to travel by such an intelligent and luxurious racing scooter. Actually, it only takes one degree of electricity to run a hundred miles and can continue moving dozens of miles after it is fully charged. Therefore, it sells quite well at home and abroad and wins customer loyalty through its premium functions. Take action now if you’d like to have such an extraordinary electric scooter.

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