Elabora Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Build NarniAround Walking Trails

NarniAround is the name given to a project in Narni, Italy, designed to take back ancient walking paths and to develop new ones. Now, the project’s founders at Elabora have launched a campaign to raise funds for this project.

Elabora is an innovative project that was first conceived by those who have been working for years in university and corporate training.  The focus of the group is to offer empowering strategies for both individuals and organizations that will help them strengthen and make the most of each other’s talents, as well as develop resources that belong to everyone.  This group believes that the key to living in harmony with each other and the environment is balanced growth.  

Through the use of new tools and possibilities, Elabora creates a mix of activities focused on value-rational actions and cooperation among institutions, companies and citizens.  As a way of promoting this fundamental truth, the group has created a new project called NarniAround, a trail adoption idea in and around the beautiful medieval city of Narni.

Narni is located in southern Italy, and the woods surrounding the city are crisscrossed by trails and roads.  For many years, these trails were maintained by locals; now, dwindling resources have led to some of them becoming neglected.  The dream of Elabora is to repair and revive these important trails.  They want to install wooden handrails, mow weeds, set up adequate signage and to transform the dilapidated trails into a rich, vibrant resource for those who love to hike.  

The group also wants to grow a segment of the tourist market to achieve better visibility for the district and increase commercial exchange as well as create new job opportunities. Finally, the group wants to build up the community in a way that does not harm the environment.

The IndieGoGo campaign, located at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/narni-reshape-of-the-the-ancient-and-modern-paths#/story, offers donors the chance to donate money that will be used to weed, build handrails and support tourism marketing.  For €500 to €2,500, donors will see one kilometer to 2.5 kilometers weeded; some donor levels offer a silver name plate to be placed on a handrail in the donor’s honor.  See the IndieGoGo page for more details.

About Elabora:  

Elabora is a group dedicated to utilizing the best resources of individuals and groups by bringing them together in new and unique ways.

Media Contact
Company Name: NarniAround by Elabora
Contact Person: Alessandra Melani
Email: alessandra.melani@elabora.guru
Phone: +393408577410
City: Narni (TR)
Country: Italy
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/narni-reshape-of-the-the-ancient-and-modern-paths#/story