Alcohol abuse not only affects the liver, new studies find it also affects the heart

The heart is located at the center of the chest. The muscle mass is greater on the left side and the apex of the heart is pointed slightly to the left.
The heart is a blood pumping device in a human body that is responsible for circulating oxygenated blood in the body and removes any unwanted carbon dioxide. When the heart or arteries around the heart responsible for pumping blood are damaged, the pumping operation of the heart is disrupted and fails to function properly. This damage and its associated problems are called heart diseases that claim the lives of thousands of individuals around the world.

Alcohol consumption has been linked to several health issues ranging from heart to the liver. Most people believe that alcohol only harms a person’s liver but research shows otherwise. Scientists believe that excessive alcohol consumption leads to the heart, kidney and many cases brain damage. The person becomes unable to function properly and accrues several mental issue that may take years of therapy and treatments to cure. Thousands of Americans struggle with alcohol addiction and has been a leading cause of drunk and drive accidents that claim the life of thousands of individuals annually. Everything should be used in moderation, which is also true in the case of alcohol and higher consumption can lead to severe health issues. Doctors believe that common households in America should completely abandon alcohol and wine to ensure a healthy and long life.

Research shows that long-term drinking substantially contributes to heart problems and can substantial or in some cases irrecoverable damage to the heart and surrounding organs. Excessive drinking results in high blood pressure that put excessive strain over the walls of the heart increasing the risk of physical damage and causing untimely death. Increased blood pressure can also lead to blood clotting issues that are a major reason for the stroke. Excessive drinking increases the body weight, which makes the heart work harder and worsening the situation.

If a person drinks over 15 units of alcohol the blood pressure increases and causes irregularity in heartbeat, causing shortness of breath and chest pains that can escalate to a heart attack and be life threatening for an individual. It is highly advisable to leave alcohol entirely to ensure that your heart continues to be healthy and function properly. Alcohol and wine are one of the most consumed beverages in America that are used at different events, holidays and as part of daily life. Thousands of papers have been written about the dangerous side-effects of excessive alcohol consumption and its abuse. Over past several years, different government agencies have been actively working to help individuals in getting over their addiction and lead a happier and healthier life.

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