Jakub Tencl Announces Publication of His Latest Book — “The Mystery of Life” — Chronicles His Journey To Self-Acceptance

His autobiography is a gift for all of us who wish to know more about themselves, and who wish to experience their life in its fullness.

Los Angeles, California – June 16, 2015 – Fans of Jakub Tencl, an accomplished author and Clinical Hypnotherapist, will be delighted at the news of his publishing a new book entitled “The Mystery of Life”. His long awaited book is the true story of his journey to self-enlightenment. Jakub has proven himself to not only be a master of clinical hypnotherapy but also a master wordsmith. Readers are able to relate to his experiences in a personal manner and share in his epiphanies of life’s moments. There are many paths to self-discovery, thatg go to the same destination and it’s self-enlightenment. “The Mystery of Life” shares Jakub’s route to that destination and has the power to be an aid in the reader’s quest to reach the same end.

Even when Jakub was a young boy of 6 years of age, he knew that he had a special ability to comprehend that which was hard at the age of 6 years to understand. We all have a different degree of evolvement, and this is why it is hard to transfer one’s own experience. He knew that he had a journey ahead of him if he was going to find all of the answers of life’s mysteries. Jakub did not rush his latest book having worked on it for over 4 years. Readers delight in the way they feel like they are sitting in a room with Jakub as he tells the true-to-life story of his journey.

“The Mystery of Life” contains 12 Chapters that expound on Jakub’s personal experiences and spiritual growth. To really achieve a state of “Happiness”, some call this “inexhaustible bliss”, it is necessary to experience self-realization. To understand one’s place in the universal scheme of things. At this point, a person realizes that there is the “mind” and there is the “physical body”. When one can accept themselves for their innate abilities and talents, they will be on the right path to true enlightenment. “The Mystery of Life” is a great vehicle for such a journey.

Reader Testimonials have illustrated the high degree of satisfaction and pleasure that they derived from reading Jakub’s latest book. Take a look at what Dharam Deep Singh, a renown Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, had to say: “I highly recommend this book to you if you are a seeker on the spiritual path or are looking for a heart-felt story with a twist on mindfulness called “lovefulness.” With stories and metaphors for deeper truths, this book touches on the deeper principles of Zen Buddhism and new-age thought.”

For complete information, please visit: “The Mystery of Life”

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