Cheryl Fields Appears On Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show To Share Her Secrets of The Wealthy for Getting Out of Debt and Retiring Wealthy

Money manager and finance expert, Cheryl Fields is a financial independence evangelist, working with people all over the country to get out of debt and harness their financial opportunities to create personal wealth.

Chicago, IL – Financial and wealth Coach, Cheryl Fields was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio,” which looks to identify and shine a spotlight on those noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from “around the globe and in your town.” Fields recently appeared on the show to shed light on the paradox of thrift and how taxes and inflation work against the average person to reduce their amount of livable funds to less than only 27% of what they make.

She discussed the various ways that average Americans can use the same tools that are used by the wealthy to get out of debt and improve their lives now. The show aired on a Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of the Hannity, Dennis Miller, and Dave Ramsey shows.

Cheryl Fields spent a decade as a financial manager learning the pitfalls of the standard method of savings and retirements, and saw how the wealthy avoided those same traps. She took this information and developed a repeatable process for wealth accumulation and debt reduction that she now promotes through her “Lifestyle Wealth Group.”  Chicago radio show host Mark Imperial asked Fields to share her expertise with his audience.

“I have listened to your program for some time now, so being asked to come on your show and discuss my financial philosophy has just made my week,” said Fields. “To help more people through the power of radio is surreal.”

The average American lives off of only 27% of what they earn. To Fields this is a travesty. Having seen the disconnect in how the wealthy manage money and how the average American has been told to manage theirs, set Fields on a path of financial evangelism. It was her goal to educate and help people get out of that rut and create wealth for themselves. Her website and “Lifestyle Wealth Group” is just the first step in reaching Americans about their untapped potential for paying down debt and having a life where there is room for fun.

In the interview, Fields discusses the problems faced by the average American and the path out from the perspective of someone who has managed the wealth of others for years. Her principles for success have helped countless people get out of debt and gain that breathing room she talks about with Mark.

Cheryl Fields and her Lifestyle Wealth Group have been helping people with financial webinars and creating personal reserve accounts.

“Working with Cheryl has given me the peace of mind that I never had with my financial adviser.  I love that my money is growing tax free, and I have learned so much about my finances by working with Cheryl and her team.   I am now sure that the money I have saved with last me all the way through retirement.  I can’t thank them enough!” — Darlene J,  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I’ve been working with Cheryl for over 5 years now, and have seen a complete turn around in my financial picture.  I have my debts paid off, and have more in savings now than I ever did before.  I can’t tell you how much this means to me, and now I can sleep at night now knowing that I don’t have to worry about my money.

I am taking a whole month off this summer, just because I can!” — Jessica B., Santa Fe, NM

“The strategies Cheryl and her team have helped me implement have given me over 50% more I retirement than I had been promised from my adviser and money manager.  It’s amazing how these strategies take all the worry out of life” — Johnathan F,  Chicago IL

“Cheryl, you’re amazing!  My husband and I have never known what to do with our money, and how to be debt free and still save money.  You have made our lives so much easier, and our daughter thanks you too, even though shes only 4, because now her college fund will be ready when she is!” — Janice and Robert, Dallas, TX

“I can’t thank you enough for all your great advice.  You have saved me over 40% of the money I was paying in taxes.  I can’t believe it!  How could I have gone so long, and never heard about you and and the strategies you teach?  Please keep up the good work.  There are people out there, like me, who need what you are offering.” — Maria N, San Mateo, CA

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