Laser Marking Machine will be Widely Used In Food Industry

After years of continuous improvement, laser marking machine actively upgrade, the function is more complete, the performance is more reliable, more stable operation, and installation is more convenient.

With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s demand for food and beverage industry is particularly high, after media reported that some problems about food safety, society is also put forward the severe test to food and beverage enterprises, companies in order to compete for more market share, also took out the brand of weapons, realized that only by following the path of brands, companies can go farther, to get the trust of the consumers.

Also further improve on identification technology, inkjet printing machine already cannot satisfy the needs of food and drink industry. Laser marking machine instead of industrial inkjet printershand jet printer,  also has become a development trend. Laser mark machine has been widely used in bottled water, beverage bottles, filling, etc.

After years of continuous improvement, laser mark machine actively upgrade, function more complete, the performance is more reliable, more stable operation, and installation is more convenient.

Compared to ink coder machine, Laser Marking Machine needn’t to clean nozzle and change consumable, which is more environmental protection than inkjet printer. Laser marker can also greatly save the operation cost, the printing mark effect more clearly, and permanent. Because it effectively solves the problem goods trans-regional mark is not clear which is the current economic and efficient printing solutions.

In addition, the laser marking machine has effective anti-counterfeiting function. Because of the laser marking cannot erase, it is a permanent marker, the permanent identity can help identify specific products.

In daily life, many beverages have used laser marking machine, like “Coca-Cola”, “the farmer mountain spring” “old adopted mother spicy sauce” series of liquor, wine and some other famous food and beverage brands such as mobile phone, MP3, MP4, keyboard, an e-card, etc.. The aser engraving is not only beautiful, but also easy to operate. Finally the laser mark machine application in paper industry, latest festive way of greeting CARDS with laser printing machine engraving, clear design, can achieve a permanent mark never fade.

Laser mark machine application in all walks of life, through the development in recent years, laser mark machine has been accepted by the masses of users of ink coder machine, both from the economy and environmental protection above are very prominent advantages and meaning.

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