Free FlippingBook Tools Are Shared Online By PUB HTML5 With Enthusiastic Students

“PUB HTML5: Page Flipping Online Publishing Platform”
Students can now convert their summer programs into interactive page flipping content online for no cost.

PUB HTML5 online platform has decided to grant permission to student to create versatile e-magazines and e-books with the help of the most advanced digital flippingbook software during this summer. The company has planned to provide this service for free.

Project presentations are regular coursework of a student in college or school. PUB HTML5 flippingbook software encourages students to express their knowledge in creative ways and will allow them to produce something that they can be proud of, while helping them to score better in assignments and projects. The flipping book creation is an endeavor that will provide opportunity or the students to think out of the box and come up with exclusive digital magazines and e-books for free online this summer holiday. The versatile flipping book tools provided by PUB HTML5 to students will not only open new career paths for talented young digital publishers but also will kindle a flame of love for the field at a very young age.

The unique PUB HTML5 flipping book online platform offers free membership for any student who registers via the website. Once registered, they can create unique and engaging page flipping books by uploading PDF, image, or MS Office files of their homework, courseware, individual writings, and photo albums, etc. They also could learn how to improve their publications by referring the high quality samples showcased on the website. Students can even subscribe to their teachers’ digital courseware through the PUB HTML5 platform. A digital flippingbook is efficient as it can be delivered as a link to readers via multiple online channels such as website, e-mail, and social media.

The CTO of the PUB HTML5 flippingbook software shared the company’s view as, “Children are the future of our world. And providing them with the latest technology is a wise investment. That is why we decided as a company to allow the students to have their hands on the premium flippingbook software during this summer vacation. We hope that students around the globe will take maximum advantage of this totally free offer to polish up their digital publishing skills and presentations skills. ”

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