Benjamin Pure — Bring A New Ambience Into Your Dining Room With A Tea Tree Table

Did you ever imagine your dining table top to rest on the bark of a small tree? If you have been listening to Ben Pure, you would know that the trend in many a dining room these days is to have the dining table top to rest atop the bark of a small tree, preferably tea tree. This is a radical departure from the conservatively designed dining tables that most families are accustomed to.

Tea plantations across the world phase out old and unproductive trees at various points of time and these are then recycled by innovative furniture makers from all over.

The tea tree is essentially of the bush variety and does not grow more than four feet in height. In fact, in the serene and lush green environs of a tea plantation you are unlikely to see any of these trees growing taller than four feet.

There are specialized furniture makers who know how to add value to a tea tree even after it has been phased out of the plantation. They clean up the dug-out tea tree off leaves and the thinnest branches and polish it up with special turpentine oil and wood oil. Thereafter, depending on the size of the tea tree they make the table.

Benjamin Pure informs that the tea trees that are phased out from plantations are not always of the same size. It means that many tea trees probably don’t grow to the maximum height of four feet even at maturity and thereby remain stunted at three feet or even less till the time they become unproductive. Such trees don’t go on to become dining tables but they do become smaller bedside tables as well as center tables for sofa sets.

The tea tree offers craftsmen the option to use either its bark or its branches as the resting place of the table top. In case the table top is to sit on the branches, the bark would have to be balanced on a small platform at the bottom. If table top is to sit on the bark, the branches act as the legs of the table.

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