From CP to Hollywood: An Indie Drama About a Disabled Actor

Memphis DiAngelis, who has cerebral palsy, has written a screenplay that promotes acceptance and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

Memphis DiAngelis is not just trying to produce an independent film. His objective is to broadcast an important message to whole world.

DiAngelis, who has cerebral palsy, wants to get the word out about “inclusion casting.” This means getting work for actors with disabilities. His short film, From CP to Hollywood, is loosely based on his own life. It’s a drama about an actor with a disability trying to make it in Hollywood.

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“It’s a difficult road and he runs into one obstacle after another,” says DiAngelis. “With this film, I’m promoting acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities. This is an important concept and one that people need to understand. Disabled actors have not been able to make any serious inroads into the Hollywood scene.”

There are, however, many documentaries about people with disabilities and organizations that help disabled individuals learn how to make films. Inclusion Films, located in Burbank, Calif., trains disabled adults in the art of filmmaking, producing and editing.

Dan Habib, a filmmaker at the University of New Hampshire’s Institute on Disability, has produced several award-winning documentaries about the disabled, including a film about his son titled Including Samuel. Over the years, Habib has worked hard to overcome the cultural and systemic barriers to inclusion.

DiAngelis has decided to take a different track, attempting to open new doors for actors and actresses with physical and developmental disabilities. “If we can get actual movie roles for the disabled, it would go a long way toward fostering acceptance in our society,” he says. “It would place these individuals in a highly visible place, creating new jobs and opportunities for the handicapped.”

DiAngelis has completed the script and enlisted the services of a co-director. Now comes the hard part: hiring a crew and actors, filming, editing, writing music, marketing and distribution. “I’d like to have well-known actors in the cast to help promote the film,” he says.

The budget is $15,000 and, in order to generate this funding, DiAngelis has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at:

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $15 contribution, backers will receive a DVD of the film. AS $50 pledge is good for the DVD plus the opportunity to be an extra on the set for one day.

“Acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities is an important message,” says DiAngelis. “Please help me spread the word.”

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