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Cecil McIntosh has announced the launch of a brand new contest that will strive to connect people with their roots. McIntosh is the owner of Relax and Get Rich, a consultancy that helps others find financial freedom.

Through the My Grandma’s Legacy story and program, McIntosh shows others how he is living his life. His journey through life has brought McIntosh through the good, the bad, and the better, and now, he is proud to offer wisdom, advice, and powerful strategies to help others achieve massive success. My Grandma’s Legacy teaches people how to listen to their inner voices to achieve their every goal.

McIntosh said, “We seem to always be in a hurry and have no time for the simple things in life. In other words, we ignored the basic values of living, like being grateful and sharing unconditionally. Living in cooperation as opposed to being competitive, and giving your best as opposed to holding back, is how the world progresses.”

In the My Grandma’s Legacy program, McIntosh tells the tale of a young boy who is taught to work, work, work. Throughout his life, McIntosh strives to achieve success through hard work, and he succeeds. Then, he fails. His struggles have led McIntosh to massive success.

Through Relax and Get Rich and the My Grandma’s Legacy program, McIntosh teaches people how to reach their goals without sacrificing critical parts of their life. By balancing their careers and personal lives, people are able to remain successful and grow beyond their mission. The new contest will bring people together and help them to reflect upon what it is that rests at their core. Life experiences are critical to the kind of future people have, and by helping people connect with these foundational experiences, McIntosh hopes to help these people further continue along their journey of success.

The contest calls for people to submit a story or event that influenced their lives and is the backbone of how they live now. These stories will remind people of where they come from and why they have made the choices they’ve made, as well as bring people together in a new way.

More information can be found at: http://relaxandgetrich.com/bgsv

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Relax and Get Rich is dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom with a premium library of resources, strategies, and education for leading a life by design.


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