Bumblebee Computing productivity launches the next generation voice recorder and audio editor

Bumblebee Computing has launched a new voice recorder and audio editor app for Android which has many features not available in normal voice recorders.

The app provides a unique feature in which the user can visualize the waveform of the recording and also they can export any particular section of the recording to a separate file. This feature helps in the precise analysis of the entire recording and facilitates easy selection for playback or export. The waveform clearly indicates amplitude changes which make it easier for the user to identify, playback or export the required section. The user can use pinch gestures zoom in the waveform and to navigate through the waveform with a swipe gesture.

One of the most amazing and useful features that this app offers is selective playback. This feature can be very useful to students who have recorded a lecture and later on want to review the important points. Business professionals can also take advantage of this feature in case they have recorded the meetings and want to replay a certain part of the meeting. The Selective Export feature that the app offers can be very useful to musicians/singers as it allows them to export the selected segment into an mp3 file. This feature of the app can work as a ringtone maker as well as the user can select any section of the song to an mp3 file and just set it as ringtone!

The app not only provides a variety of features to edit/export/play the recording but its Advanced Audio filters help in improving the sound quality as well. Some of the effects includes a 3-band equalizer with custom pre-sets (ie. reduce background noise), echo effect, pitch shifter, playback speed shifter, etc. The user can use a single or multiple options to get the desired effect and then export to a new mp3 file with the effects applied.

Delete and renaming of recordings can be done within the app and recordings will be available in the shared music folder which can be copied and shared easily.

To download the app now, visit the following link:

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr59b0zh61U

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