Author and Professional Business Coach, Roy Austin Appears On Chicago Radio To Explain How “Alligators” and Small Businesses Go Together

Successful author, M.B.A and business coach Roy Austin spreads his gospel of business fundamentals with small to medium sized businesses to create a pathway for success and long-term wealth.

Chicago, IL – Roy Austin was nominated as a Remarkable Expert by the ever popular Chicago radio show “Remarkable Radio”, which looks to identify and highlight on noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from “around the globe and in your town”. Austin appeared on the show to discuss his book, “The Alligator Business Solution – Building a Solid Foundation to Make Better Business Decisions and Gain a Competitive Advantage” and how simple tools can help small business owners take control of their finances and other business steering concepts to grow their business. The show aired on a Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of Hannity, The Dennis Miller Show, and Dave Ramsey.

Austin has extensive experience assisting both large and small businesses in their pathway of success. Not only does he hold an MBA in marketing, but he also earned the CPA and CMA designations, and was named a regional winner of IMA’s “Financial Executive of the Year” award. His passion for helping small businesses better understand how to achieve the success they desire has led him to be a popular consultant and speaker.

“I cannot tell you how happy I am to be asked to appear Remarkable Radio,” Austin says. “Anytime I have this type of opportunity to discuss what I’m passionate about and reach people in the cars or homes, I am always grateful.

Austin’s book, “The Alligator Business Solution” came about after working with small business owners and seeing the often repeated mistakes they made, specifically ignoring the financial details of their business. He noticed that many of these business owners saw themselves as “product and idea people” and did not believe themselves capable of understanding that side of the business. He knew that he had to find an engaging way of taking business and financial management concepts to them in a language they could understand and would sit through. Austin’s book is part humor-part “true story”, exemplifying both good and bad business practice so that small business owners could better grasp the concepts they needed to make their business successful.

During the interview, Austin explained “why Alligators” and how he believes taking that example of creatures that most believe cannot be trained (they can) and showing how their ability to learn just three things, all related to survival, can be a model for less confident business owners who don’t believe that they can be taught business survival skills.

Austin is located in South Carolina, but works with businesses all over the country.

“Roy provides an excellent combination of both financial and operations expertise. He’s able to see through the complexity, and ask great and tough questions to get to the heart of the issue. His advice and counsel would be a great value to CEOs and owners who are looking to increase the efficiency and profitability of their business.” – David Harper, Managing Principal, Advisory Alliance, LLC

 “Roy is the consummate professional in his field, he has the rare quality of being a great listener which I feel is the most difficult to master. He is one of the most brilliant men I have ever had the honor to work beside, his intense desire to provide his clients with the greatest consulting possible for their needs is exemplary, Roy is the best of the best!” RB Kirby, Area Director Consultant BNI South Carolina Low Country, BNI (Business Network International), Ron Kirby Leadership

“I’ve been associated with Roy Austin for the past decade and have the greatest respect for his management style, organizational skills, and leadership abilities.  As our CFO Roy made continual improvements saving us fortunes over the years.  He is a gentleman of the greatest integrity and leads by constant example.  Because of our great respect and admiration of his abilities, upon his retirement as CFO, we continue to rely on his valued counsel as a full time consultant in our various business ventures.  Roy and Rockwell Business Solutions are a pleasure to do business with!” Bill Conaway, Vice Chairman of the Board, D. J. Powers

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