Exclusive Interview with Kathy Zengolewicz – Author of My Dragonfly

Interview with certified life coach, Kathy Zengolewicz, who is the author of My Dragonfly: And the Lessons He Taught Me. Her book about the loss of a child helps others deal with death and grief by answering the questions people struggle with most.

Life has its difficulties. Once in awhile a curveball comes at the most inopportune times. These things are a part of life and must be dealt with as they come. However, other times the challenge can be too big, and seem impossible to deal with. A good example of this is the loss of a loved one, specifically the loss of a child.

My Dragonfly: And the Lessons He Taught Me by Kathy Zengolewicz deals with this issue and answers questions  about death and grief that some may struggle with.

In a recent interview with Beth’s book reviews Kathy answers a wide range of many public and personal questions, which reveal her personal life and how the death of her son in 2012 led her to pen down My Dragonfly.

In the interview Kathy said, ”Writing my book, My Dragonfly who represents the son I lost to drug addiction, has led me to where I am today. I have learned to heal and I am on this Earth to help those who have shared my pain and loss. I have put down into words the things my son taught me, in spirit, and I apply those things to my everyday life.

The book could be just the thing to help those who are grieving from the loss of a loved one, especially parents who have lost a child. A book like this can be powerful in helping to recover from such a loss.

Kathy went on to say, “I would like everyone who reads the book to take something away from it. I have pretty much opened my heart and soul writing My Dragonfly. The feedback that I have received from people who read it has been very positive. I have been blessed by people telling me that the book has answered some questions that they had about death, grief and moving on. If this book helps just one person to feel better about the loss of a loved one, especially a mother who has lost a child then it was worth writing.”

For more information, the full interview with Kathy Zengolewicz is available at Beth’s Book Reviews.

The book My Dragonfly: And the Lessons He Taught Me can be found on Amazon.

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