REBEK Introduces Own Brand Of Vaporizers To Increase Quality Of Vaping Experience For E-Liquid Users

REBEK is known for producing the best quality e-liquids on the market, and they have now created a range of vaporizers to ensure the products are used as their master craftsmen intended.

E-cigarettes are beginning to decline in popularity, but not for the reasons many might imagine. Having stormed the market as a more sophisticated replacement to conventional combustible cigarettes, e-cigarettes were actually just a poor substitute for a vaporizer. Once users realized this, many wished to upgrade to a better product that could offer a fuller experience. REBEK creates some of the best e-liquids available, and they have now created a new Black Edition vaporizer that offers the very best way to enjoy these e-liquids as their makers intended. 

The new Black Edition vaporizer comes with a USB charge port and free premium e-liquid from REBEK, with a spiral atomizer and a rechargeable battery pack that create a single, elegant and streamlined vaporizing device. Finished in beautiful stainless steel, it is one of the slimmest vaporizers on the market today, and offers members 50 reward points for purchase.

The atomizer is of course fully compatible with all REBEK e-liquids, which can be bought in bundles through the online store for even greater savings. The vaporizer itself is only one of two recommended for use with REBEK products, the other being manufactured by Innokin.

A spokesperson for explained, “We have created our own brand of vaporizer that has been optimized to provide the most fulfilling experience with our e-liquids. We understand that for a proportion of our customers our products are part of a wider collection, but many of our long term and loyal customers enjoy exclusively REBEK e-liquids, and this vaporizer is for them, as it has been specially modulated in our labs to ensure the perfect vaporizing experience. It is affordable, sleek, beautiful and ready for purchase, so we look forward to seeing them off our shelves and into the hands of our customers.” 

About REBEK:

REBEK International Limited is a UK company providing high quality e-cigarettes, e liquids and accessories. All products are strictly tested before they are offered to customers. Premium e liquids from REBEK are packaged, tested in and delivered from the United Kingdom. The company is always striving for diversity and excellence, and regularly update with new flavors and products.

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