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A new website has recently been launched that has been designed to provide readers with professionally crafted information about online casino games to skill up their game. The website promises to feature the latest industry news, articles and fresh information about a variety of casino games related topics – all for free. The website will be updated regularly to include the latest information and new “how-to” for different games and best of “buck” strategies.

Unknowingly many people play online casino game with the idea that there is not much skill or strategizing involved. This however is untrue because there are a variety of tips and strategies to that can be employed to improve the chances of winning, this is exactly the type of information is aiming to provide to its readers. The website comes from a group of people who identify themselves as online casino enthusiasts and strategists, who wish that their readers would benefit from the information and insight that has taken years to gather.

The website spokesperson explained: “ founded in 2014 by MR Martin Lepper, with the hope of helping people to understand the games better, gain more insight into them and have a wise approach of the whole gaming subject. It is our belief that online casino games are a means of having great fun and providing awesome entertainment with the great possibility and the chance to win real money.”

All the information available on the website will be presented to reader for free, the team at believe that they are the representatives of their readers and visitors in the online casino game industry. Therefore, it is their job to bridge the gap between the new/unskilled/uninformed players and the online casino game platforms regarding tips and tricks and skilled game play.

The spokesperson further explained the service the website provides, he said: “The unique procedure, how we help you to find the best slot machine games on the internet is that we consider the game payout percentage, the jackpot amount, graphics, bet amounts, sound effects quality, various cool features and other player benefit factors available out there. We classify no download and traditional slots, multi-line video slots and 3-D slots with any number of lines, reels and symbols separately. When user will visit our web portal he/she will be offered to receive fun and super useful notifications. They will be delivered with special functionality, for no cost and up to date with fresh an valuable info.”

The team at SlotCasinoGame™ suggests that people should revisit the website frequently to stay up to date with the latest news and information that is constantly being added to the website.

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SlotCasinoGames™ is a go to website for finding out educative and useful information on online slot casino games. The website provides readers with information about general casino games, video poker, blackjack and have the most up to date and user friendly information about online casino slot games. They include detailed how to, when to and where to at no cost to the readers.

For more information, please visit: is registered in Washington, and our registered address is office is at 2000 5th Ave W, Olympia, WA 98512, USA.

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