InPegno Offers Collateral Loans for All

Credito Siciliano’s launched a new service named InPegno which gives its customers an opportunity to request a collateral loan through an easy and stress free process. The service provides easy access to much needed loans minus the investigation sheets and process, the easy loans are granted against valuables (gold, diamonds, watches and silver) as collateral without the need to acquire other guarantees.

A collateral loan is a loan granted by a bank which, at the end, lets creditors redeem the property that was presented as collateral. The concept is simple and straight forward, for the full term of the loan, between three and six months, the customer remains the owner of the property given as collateral; at the end of the agreed term, the customer can decide whether to redeem his property or renew the collateral, paying the accrued interest. The InPegno collateral loan process involves as little as 5 steps including the assessment of the assets by an expert.

The interest rate at which the both parties agreed to in the initial agreement remains fixed for the entire term of the loan, as are the stipulated expenses (thereby retaining the possibility of redemption later). At the end of the previously specified term’s end the collateral is neither renewed nor redeemed, then thirty days after term the item will be sold at public auction; if the proceeds from the sale exceed the loan issued by the bank, the surplus money will be available to the bearer of the policy for the following five years.

The InPegno spokesperson said: “Collateral credit is a “banking service” that offers customers a chance to get a fast and easy loan but with the peace of mind of a transparent appraisal by experts, as well as the utmost confidentiality at our “dedicated” windows. Credito Siciliano’s many years of experience enable it to offer a socially significant service.”

The service is available for all the regions in Italy, On 18 March 2014, the “InPegno” branch was opened in Milano in Largo Paolo Grassi. The new branch has especially been created for the safekeeping and appraisal of valuables and in collateral credit. According to the company, currently Credito Siciliano offers its Collateral Loan service at four “dedicated branches” located in Catania, Roma, Torino and Milano, and four “collateral windows” located at the regional head branches in Messina, Palermo, Siracusa and Trapani.

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About Credito Siciliano

Credito Siciliano has its roots in the banking history, “Monte Grande di Prestito S. Agata” established in Catania in 1807, which after 200 years of history became part of Credito Siciliano. Credito Siciliano’s many years of experience enable it to offer a socially significant service; with serious, professional customer service offering complete reliability and security, and this service is being extended to every Italian region.

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