Relive the Grateful Dead Experience with MEAN PEOPLE SUCK on Kickstarter

Phoenix, AZ – On May 31 2015, Christopher Robin launched a Kickstarter campaign for MEAN PEOPLE SUCK, a story that takes place during the summer of 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. The book follows two unsuspecting college students who embark to relive an epic Grateful Dead experience from the previous summer only to find themselves entwined in a D.E.A. sting operation targeting Deadheads. Robin has had an extensive career with experience in directing, acting, music video production, and writing. 

“Writing, like life itself is a process of creation and revision. Half of my life has been lived for the experience. The rest of my life will be lived to bear witness,” explains Robin, who has been working on MEAN PEOPLE SUCK for more than twenty years, “Through fiction, this book will show the injustice of anyone spending hard prison time for non-violent actions going down during concert tours.”

MEAN PEOPLE SUCK is roller coaster ride of suspense that will raise the neck hair of anyone who’s been to a live show. The story, a lesson in legal boundaries that brings to question the war on drugs. CAN YOU BELIEVE that TODAY there are still Deadheads locked up for non-violent crimes that occurred on the Grateful Dead tour 20 years ago? Robin believes that as a country our biggest challenge is revision to the mandatory minimum sentencing laws. On a federal level, he plans to make an effort to get this book in the hands of President Obama and VP Biden in hopes for Presidential pardon(s) before leaving office.

“Not just Deadheads will find interest in this book, it has wide appeal to a broader mystery/crime/fiction/nostalgia audience,” says the creator, “It explores the legal aspects of mandatory minimum sentencing laws as well as showing the tragedy that can befall those entrapped by law enforcement. If you were alive in the 1990’s or curious about the 90s, this book is for you.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a softcover book signed by the author for $25 (shipping is included), one for yourself and one sent to your state representative for $65, a hardcover copy of the book with a full color jacket and a MEAN PEOPLE SUCK t-shirt for $100, and much more. A few lucky backers will even have the opportunity to rename one of the story’s two protagonists or the antagonist! 

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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