Dan Rocha and Generation Pot: A new kind of entrepreneur emerges in the cannabis world

Dan RochaLOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 19, 2015 – Entrepreneur Dan Rocha is a busy man. After 14 years of experience building websites, he has become the go-to guy for marijuana business marketing. Branding, promotional merchandise, package design, websites and social media marketing are just a few areas where Rocha’s expertise has helped cannabis companies grow their online presence and increase their profit.

When Rocha first started his web development and marketing agency, he had two things in mind. He recognized the promise in the then small group of marijuana-related business owners and he saw the growth potential for the industry as a whole. What inspired Rocha to enter the industry in its early days was his understanding of the needs of the medicinal usage consumer, and also the very real need for niche marketing in a digital world. He says, “I would come across digital marketers who had the attitude that the pot world was just a bunch of stoners who would never be able to make their businesses work.”

But Rocha had the foresight to take the business opportunities seriously from the beginning and began cultivating relationships. “With legalization happening in so many states now, mainstream investors, companies and marketers finally get that we’re legit, that there’s a valid demographic, a varied and large cross section of society. It’s Generation Pot,” Rocha says with a laugh.

After years spent developing and managing marketing strategies for other businesses, Rocha decided it was time to flex his creative muscles in a different way. Dabbado, a merchandise outfit, became his personal project. When it launched in 2014, Rocha never imagined how popular his gear would become. What started out as a simple design for t-shirts offered exclusively online and at trade shows has been marketed so well that the company can count celebrities and overseas residents among its customers. Dabbado’s success came from using 420 Web Pros’ strategy to gain a huge social media following. Rocha says, “We know how to attract the right audience for the businesses we work with to generate sales and we know how to keep them engaged. I proved that to myself with Dabbado.”

Rocha recently expanded Dabbado’s merchandise to include products apart from apparel. It helps that he maintains strong ties and a good reputation with a host of dispensaries and other marijuana businesses from labs to edible kitchens to trade show organizers. Because of his success in the cannabis world, and with the ever-expanding list of states legalizing marijuana use for medicinal and recreational purposes, Rocha is actively exploring the industry to develop joint ventures and taking on clients who may be unfamiliar with, as he calls it, Generation Pot. Whatever the public’s pre-conceived notions may be regarding marijuana entrepreneurialism, Dan Rocha is one to watch.

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