The wireless earphones by G-wearables can be the best companion for a workout session!

Working out with your favorite workout jam or music and keeping a track of your heart rate is favorite way of sportspersons to workout efficiently. But the hassle of the tangling wires of earphones and issue of their dropping off as soon as the workout intensifies, makes it a tad uncomfortable. However, Cheng Guo, Founder of G-Wearables, and his team have brought up revolutionary wireless sports earbuds GOGO-S-waterproof, lightweight, sport activity tracker and interactive personal trainer. Complete workout companion.

As reported, using unique Duet Play technology enables the GOGO-S earbuds to simultaneously communicate with each other and the user’s Smartphone, facilitating wireless streaming of workout jam or music of your choice. As suggested, intensive researches have been done by their experts on its antenna and have used best material, optimized positions for its important components and provided them a perfect shape for signal reliability. Further, a 9axis and an optical sensor have been used to avoid any shaking which could affect the data accuracy of heartbeat tracking, proven after endless treadmill tests.

What makes GOGO-S more interesting is the addition of smart training plans, an audio guide and its exclusive app “Go Sport”. Gogo-s collects activity data during workout, provides real-time audio feedbacks for users to aware with their status, and then after workout, when syncing with “Go Sport” app, it will show the whole picture of workout and help user to schedule a better workout plan. The real-time feed backs based on the speed, step and heart rate data that helps avoiding injuries and increasing workout efficiency.

GOGO-S comes with 4GB storage, storing up to 1000 tracks to your playlist. Using waterproof mesh on the speakers and circuits coated by Nano waterproof material, GOGO-S can be used in rain or while swimming, without worries. Its further equipped with drop proof inner ear buds keeping them intact even during intense workout sessions.  Battery backup is for 3 hours of local play and activity tracking or 5 hours of bluetooth music streaming and activity tracking, and comes with portable charging case. A single button is provided on both ear buds that performs all the functions.

G-WEARABLES’s team, have used carefully chosen components and unique technologies for GOGO-S, requiring heavy financial inputs. They have started a crowd funding campaign for the same, to avoid delays in supply of such components and thus in manufacturing and shipping of the product.

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