Amigo App Connects Sports Enthusiasts with Others and Exciting, New Venues

For many passionate sportsmen and women, it is quite difficult when traveling to find others who share their love of their favorite sports, as well as the most exciting local spots to indulge in their favorite pastime. A new app called Amigo now enables you to find fellow sports lovers to share your passion wherever you are in the world. Designed by Daniel & Emma Wishaw, a globetrotting sports loving brother-sister team, Amigo is the ideal platform to find friends who share your sports passion and the excitement of meeting new people.

Amigo currently caters to the following sports, but the development team is open to adding any sports that the online community enjoys:

• Skiing
• Sky diving
• Snowboarding
• Cliff diving
• Hiking
• Sailing
• Running
• Kayaking
• Kite surfing
• Mountain biking
• Parkour
• SCUBA diving
• SUP’ing
• Surfing
• Cycling
• Wakeboarding
• Sailing
• Yoga
• Wind Surfing
• Slacklining

After searching for a sports community app online without success, Daniel & Emma decided to create their own platform. Amigo is in the early stages with an estimated 23 week development timeline. Once completed, the Amigo team are confident that their app will attract users from all parts of the globe, making it the go-to app for traveling sports enthusiasts.

While the potential for Amigo is enormous, this project requires financial support from you to launch. Daniel and his team have sponsored an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $7,500 that will ensure project completion. Pooled with personal funds, these raised funds will facilitate app development, testing, debugging and product launch. In return for supporting this worthwhile project, you can get valuable perks like Special Mentions, Marketing packs, a phone call with Amigo founders or, for a few lucky supporter, have an icon of you made and imbedded in the Amigo app.

To learn more about Amigo or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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