First-Ever Photo Festival to Bring Miami to Life

Miami is a vibrant colourful city full of passion and excitement. It is also rich in architecture and cultural heritage and the world is about to find out why on December 2 to 5, 2014.

“This festival’s goal, the first of the sort ever organized in Miami, is to show a very broad picture of what photographers from around the world are doing when working on a local level, and to give Miami photographers training through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, etc. – Festival organizers Miami Photo Salon.

The festival is free and open to everyone. Event organizers at the Miami Photo Salon are planning a first-ever special photography exhibition/conference that will showcase the many sides of Miami through a series of displays. The organizers this unique exhibition have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to maximize support from individuals and businesses. This photo festival will take place in Wolfson Auditorium, Temple of Israel, Miami. All photographers having images of Miami will be able to present their work to the Jury. A call-out is coming soon. All donations help enable professional photographers, students, visual artists, and anyone with an interest in seeing Miami through a different lens to participate.

The photographic artworks (approximately 200 in total) will be selected by a jury for exhibition. Individuals will be able to display their personal, professional and educational projects – all related to the vibrant city of Miami and its people. Images gathered over the past five years will be on display. Participation in this unique and prestigious exhibition will enable photographers to gather and share their work with colleagues,visual art specialists, and future collectors. Now, the organizers have launched a creative crowd sourced funding campaign to make it happen. That’s where individuals and local businesses come in. There are some fun perks for local businesses and art lovers alike. 

Perks start at just $10 so don’t wait. Choose from a variety of perks that will be ‘paying your business back’ with your logo at the bottom of all sponsor displays onsite. Score big marketing inroads for petty cash. Just $150 gives your business (logo) a spot both in the catalogue at the event. For only $300 you’ll score even more of a marketing buzz locally and internationally. Companies can have their logo in the centre of the big sponsor displays, and get an original poster (16×20) with their logo on it.

Check out all the perks at Indiegogo’s Photo Festival for Miami campaign. Individual and corporate donations big and small will be used secure a venue for the exhibition, provide A/V equipment, and open up workshops and information to everyone. Help build a legacy of artwork while giving local artists true international exposure. Open the world’s eyes to Miami’s creativity. Help organizers get the word out on the street by sharing the links below: 

Indiegogo Campaign: Let’s Create A Photo Festival for Miami
Miami photo salon festival site

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