Airwheel Launched New Series of Electric Self-balancing Scooter on Its 2015 New Products Release Conference

On June 18, Airwheel unveiled two new self-balancing products S5 and A3 on the Airwheel 2015 new products release conference held at Sheraton Hotel in Changzhou.

At around 2 pm, June 18, Airwheel held the 2015 new products release conference at Sheraton Hotel and unveiled 2 new products. One of the new arrivals is Airwheel S5 which is considered the updated version of S3 released last year. The other one is called Airwheel A3 which is a new series that is different from Airwheel’s all other three series of self-balancing electric scooters, namely X, Q, and S.

As to new features of Airwheel S5, Mr. Zuo, chairman of Airwheel joked that when his friends asked him about this question earlier this month, he would reply them with the same answer “bigger, thicker, longer.” The bigger refers to the battery capacity which reaches 680wh, bigger than that of S3, which is 520wh. Bigger battery capacity brings longer travel range. According to the slide showed during the conference, S5 is capable of travel for a distance of up to 50km with a full battery charge. Also, the upgraded motor has a greater output power which brings a more comfortable riding experience. S5 is designed for tough road conditions. Therefore, the wheels have been upgraded to 16-inch SUV wheels which greatly increase scooter’s maneuverability and adaptation ability to harsh terrains. If the predecessor S3 is mainly for urban road conditions, then S5 is designed for the liberation of urban residents who are to conquer the nature in a green and environment-friendly manner.

When introducing Airwheel A3, Mr. Zuo became excited. He said that as a brand new series of Airwheel self-balancing products, A3 is a total breakthrough. Presently, products on the self-balancing scooter market are either single-wheeled unicycles or Segway-style scooters. These scooters don’t have saddles, which means that if riders travel for a long distance they have to keep the standing posture for a long time. This can be tiring and Airwheel A3 has solved this problem. Mr. Zuo also said that he was confident in A3’s market potential. As the urban traffic gets worse and the air pollution becomes ever more severe, A3 can be used as a new commuting vehicle by office workers due to its energy-efficient and environment-friendly features. 

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