Passion for Game Leads to Breakthrough for Tennis Players

When Dr. Robert Pasahow started with the psychological principles and methods that led to the development of Peak Performance Optimization in 1997, he didn’t know his work would result in a major breakthrough in achieving peak performance in tennis and other sports, academics and business.

Now, in his new book, Peak Performance in Tennis, his work with athletes, students, professionals, and performing artists he is recognized as one of the pioneers in the emerging field of Energy Psychology and has numerous publications in this field.  He is the sole psychologist in the world who is on both of the research committees in this field of psychology.

Many books, lessons, and teaching pros emphasize the importance of the “mental game”. This is especially true under pressure and playing at crucial points in a match whether winning or losing, but especially at the end of close match.  It is important not to let negative emotions like nerves, tension, and frustration interfere with your level of performance causing discouragement during a match.

“Dr. Pasahow is doing cutting edge work in applying psychological breakthroughs to sports performance. His work mirrors that of my colleagues in the Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group, and I endorse his work with these innovative techniques in the sports arena,” said Eric Leskowitz, MD, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA

Peak Performance Optimization is a unique method that can greatly improve your level in just two to four sessions or even fewer. The method facilitates training by coaches and teaching pros as it has a synergistic effect.

Pasahow says, “I was trained in the psychological methods that led me to develop Peak Performance Optimization which is a method that anyone can apply to themselves, and I did it for myself. My tennis game steadily improved and I won against people who I never defeated before because I was more relaxed and would win important points, especially at the end of a match.  My game became more consistent and I was able to add new shots and a second serve after years of being unable to master it.  I kept improving, but had to stop after having back surgery.”

Dr. Pasahow has helped over 10,000 people since 1997 to reach some important goal and has been involved in research and science for most of the 30 years that he has been a licensed psychologist. Learning research techniques from Dr. Martin Seligman, Past President of the American Psychological Association and pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology in 1974, he has spent a lifetime developing PPO.

One of the great things about Peak Performance Optimization  is that you can be taught how to do it on your own so that you will only need help for a limited amount of time. And once learned, the technique is literally at one’s fingertips.

Dr. Pasahow will officially kick off his book tour with a book launch on May 14, 2015.

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